Be Your Own Creativity Director at Uberprints

Hands down, in our opinion the website is as good as it gets when it comes to designing your on apparel. The tools and features available to you are sheer endless and you can literally create your own piece of clothing completely from scratch. We will now share with you how the whole process works from picking your core design to the delivery of your product.

First, I really didn’t know what to make of the name uberprints. So I checked out there website and I must say that those folks really know what they are doing. Basically, the webinterface at lets you be your own fashion designer. It is a one stop shop where you will be guided through a sequence of steps, from picking the type of apparel over a broad variety of styles, shapes and colors to your own motives. And when you are done, you just place your order and you’re good.

I actually went through the whole process and I’d be happy to share with you the individual steps. So in a first step you will have to pick the type of clothing you want to work on. That may include regular T-Shirts, Women’s clothing, Sweats, Active Wear, Youth Tees, Loungewear, Business Wear and even Dog Tees (yes, for your dog, not for yourself!). For example, purposes, let’s go with a regular ‘organic’ T-Shirt.

Off to stage number two – you now have to make a decision as to what base color you want. To keep things simple I went with “yellow haze”. Then the webinterface automatically takes you to the uberprints design studio. This is really the core of the whole system. From here you can add images, text, pre-loaded designs and much more. And yes, you can of course upload your own logos and images from your computer. I decided to add a picture of our puppy Troy!

You can then continue to customize your item in any shape, way or form. When you’re done, you just need to tell the system how many items you need of each available size and then you can either get a quote or just place the order.

In my example, I went with 5 T-Shirts, with an uploaded image of my dog and the whole order came out to $97, so roughly $19 per shirt. That’s really not bad for a custom made item. And by the way, it’s digitally printed, so the quality of the image is much better that compared to a regular print!

What I really like about uberprints is the fact that they don’t just iron on the logos and images, but they are actually printed onto the fabric. This will ensure that your self-designed clothes will last for a long time without having the add-ons starting to fade after a few rounds in the washer. And the quality of the fabric is actually really good and therefore well worth the money!

I have seen many other “create your own fashion” sites and some of them do actually offer a lot, however, the problem is, you need to have a process that is clear and intuitive. And that’s what sets uberprints apart from its competitors, at least in my opinion. You should definitely check it out for yourself. Click here to get to their website and start designing your own clothing.

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