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Alright, I finally got around writing a review on one of my favourite online fashion stores, namely Esprit USA. I personally can’t think of any other web store where you can save as much money on trendy and high quality items. However, there are a couple of things you will have to keep in mind. Because there is actually a specific online section on the Esprit website where they sell all the good stuff at prices that can honestly blow your mind.

The Esprit Online Store
When you enter the Esprit online shop you’ll be provided with a couple of options. Of course, you can go ahead and browse the regular store for items. However, I practically never do that, because my mission is to spot the really good deals and for that purposes I solely focus on two sections: “Sale” and “Outlet Store”:

Before I will walk you through the process, I’d like to bring up one caveat. The items available in those two categories usually only come with limited options regarding size and design. Further to that, the overall number of pieces offered is rather small but that’s fine with me. Because the money I will save on my purchases definitely makes up for the limited selection!

So, I actually need a pair of new jeans – well, unfortunately I gained a couple of pounds over the past few months, but anyway. Okay, apparently there are only six different types available, so hopefully I can find something in my size (36/32). Luckily, the “Dragon Fit” does actually come in my size and I do like the plain design. But here is the best part. This item is currently reduced by a whopping 69% and it will only cost me $19.99! You just can’t beat that for a brands new pair of Esprit Jeans. That leaves me with another 30 bucks in my today’s budget. And since I’m already here, I’ll have a look for a nice sweater.

Bingo! Another great deal, this Esprit Sweater is reduced by 70% and brought to $19.99, too.

Shopping Cart and Checkout
The checkout process is easy and straight forward. There is one minor thing, though – for any item order directly from the Esprit Clothing Outlet, a $1.50 shipping charge applies (per piece). Not the end of the world since I have found a couple of really great deals and after all the whole order comes to less than $50!
You can’t use paypal, unfortunately, just regular credit cards. Also, if you are not an Esprit club member yet, there is plenty of opportunity to sign up during the check-out process. I am not a club member and I find it a little bit annoying seeing the ads all over the place praising the advantages of become a member. But it’s something I will have to think about because it might actually pay off in the long term. As a member, you participate in an e-points program. You can then use your accumulated points to get further deductions on future purchases.

Shipping and Returns
If you go with the standard shipping which is free for purchases over $30 (except for anything you buy via the outlet store where a $1.50 charge per item incurs) it usually takes 5 business day until you get your order, at least in my experience. Occasionally, it took a few days longer than that, especially around major holidays.

The Return policy is great. Each order comes with a prepaid USPS label. I once had to return a sweater and it was no issue at all – just make sure you take care of it within 14 days after the receipt of your items.

In sum: As I had mentioned earlier, I honestly can’t think of any other place where you can get the same kind of quality on fashion items for the same money. The savings are just unreal. Yes, the Esprit Clothing Outlet only offers a limited selection of apparel, but theirs is always something I find for me.

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