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Well, in comparison to the rest of my family, I am not a fashion expert. To me, practicality and comfort are definitely way more important than looks or trendiness. And that’s exactly the reason why I love the Tommy Bahama Outlet, specifically the online version. This brand has become incredibly successful and it keeps expanding its product portfolio which now encompasses casual sportswear, shoes, swimwear, accessories, furniture and since a little while even bicycles!

Anyway, I am in need of a couple of polo shirts. Nothing fancy, just solid quality. I am a regular customer and today I will show you how easy and convenient it is to do shopping at the Tommy Bahama Outlet.

Okay, after you landed on the manufacturer’s website, you have the option to browse through their entire online store. I never bought any furniture or accessories, but a bunch of pants and shirts. The main page is very plain, no annoying knick-knacks, overcrowded ads or even worse, flashy pop-ups – this is a huge plus, because I already know what I want and all I want to do is to get to the section where I can purchase a couple of Tommy Bahama Shirts.

One thing I want to point out: Always check the main screen for offers and promos. They usually have an info box right above the navigation bar announcing special deals and that’s where you can save a good amount of cash. Also, even though I usually don’t use this feature, their onsite-search actually works! You probably know what I’m talking about – on many online shopping website, the “Search” feature is completely useless.

Alright, so after clicking on “Men” and “Polos”, you’ll see the whole selection of polo shirts. Well, they don’t seem to have too many items to choose from (only 7) and that’s a little bit of a surprise. Because I know that they have an unbelievable number of regular shirts, but anyway, I’m sure I’ll find something.

I actually like the “Emfielder Polo”. By clicking on the item a new window opens and you can now select the color, size and quantity. And here is another feature I do like a lot. As you change the color, the preview window adjusts accordingly AND you can then zoom in on the item to have a closer look at everything!

Okay, I added two polo shirts to my shopping cart. Well, actually it is called shopping bag! Have a look at the screenshot.

I think they really did a good job with making it easy to have a quick look at the items you have put in your bag. These are the little things I just love. It’s easy and straightforward and that’s why I always come back. Since I am a returning customer, the checkout process is done within a few seconds. But you also have the option to use the guest checkout if you prefer to do that.

This is one point I think the Tommy Bahama Outlet can improve on. There is no free shipping, unless it’s just me who cannot figure it out. But whenever I placed an order I did have to pay for shipping. In my opinion, they should consider giving you a pass on orders over $150. Maybe something they will think about in the future. The standard rate is $8 which is for regular grounds shipping. On average it takes about four business days. For a surcharge, you can get that process expedited – but I personally don’t use that.

Quality of the products
Immaculate! This is the main reason why I buy Tommy Bahama shirts. They are just extremely comfortable, light but still of solid quality. And they don’t shrink when you put them in the dryer. I think the price tag is always adequate. It’s certainly not cheap but if you want decent quality then you have to pay a little bit more. But again, in my view the prices are absolutely reasonable, because these items will last for a few years unlike the cheap stuff.

Customer Service
I never spoke with anybody in person, but I had an email exchange a while back ago. I remember the turnaround to be very quick and I got a competent answer to my question (I think I asked them something about the shipping). I wish I could tell you something about returns but to be frank, I never had to return anything.

In sum
I’m not a fashion buff and as I mentioned before, to me it’s about practicality. I want things to be easy and hassle free. And that’s why I like about the Tommy Bahama Online Store. I always find what I’m looking for and usually my shopping sprees usually don’t last longer than 10-15 minutes. Right up my alley, because that’s how I do shopping in the “real world”, too. I know what I want, I get in there, I have a quick look and then I make a decision.

Hands down, it’s my favorite online shopping website and I can only highly recommend it. Click here to visit their website – and then please come back and share your findings here with us.

Thank you.

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