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Sarah, who designed and runs FashionPlaytes, has explained that the idea for her company was born when she still was a child. Back then she spent most of her time drawing and sketching clothes that her mother then developed into actual pieces of apparel. Through her own experience her goal was to develop a system that would allow her customers to do exactly that, but on a much broader scale. She wanted this concept to be accessible to anyone interested. Sarah, who now has two girls of her own, still takes pride and feels a sense of accomplishment in her ability to provide girls all over the world an outlet for developing their ideas and evolving them into actual fashion.

Fashion, after all, is a way to express yourself and underline your personality. But often you must choose fashions that are designed by others. And that’s what sets FashionPlaytes apart from other design houses. It allows girls to express themselves and build on their own creativity going well beyond picking readymade clothes. All the pieces in the collection are little pieces of art, carefully crafted and made from pristine materials, to ensure that not only the customer’s requirements are met, but also adhering to the high standards the company has set for itself.

Privacy and confidentially are valid concerns when tweens and teens use the Internet and share personal information. FashionPlaytes assures that their website is a safe place and provides a number of tools for parents to take active part not only in helping their children during the design process, but also allowing them to add additional safety features.

So how does it work?

Once you get on the FashionPlaytes website, the whole process is broken down into three easy steps:

1) Pick a product: Here is where you make your first selection. You can choose form a broad variety of Tops, Dresses, Bottoms, Outerwear, Loungewear, Accessories and Beachwear. Here is where you also select your appropriate size. As you go through the process, a neat little section in the lower right hand corner updates the price as you make changes to your design, so you know exactly how much your item will cost you at any given point in time.


2) Then you have to make a choice with regard to the color. After that, it is time to design your item. The choices are endless. You can either go with any of the Fashionplaytes logos and motives, or even create your own labels. The tool allows you to always go back and revise a previous step, or alternatively, just hit the “Start Over” Button to start from scratch.

When you are done with the designing part, you can either save your current design to your collection or just add it straight to the cart.

3) Okay, all done. Now it’s time to place the order. As a returning customer the checkout is handled within a matter of a few seconds. You also have the option to use the Guest Checkout, which means you don’t have to actually create an account first. The system will ask you for your shipping and billing information and that’s it. Once the order is placed you will receive a confirmation email with the details of your order.

How long does it take until I get my FashionPlaytes item is delivered?

The Shipping of your order is handled via USPS First Class Priority and shipping itself will take only a few days. However, since you have obviously ordered a custom made item, it will take a little while – usually not more than 10 days – until your design is actually turned into a real piece of attire. So overall just assume it will take about three weeks between when you place the order and delivery.

Our Opinion

There are over 5 million design combinations available at FashionPlaytes which leaves plenty of room for creativity and innovation. The company makes a proactive effort to stay current with the latest trends and provides their customers the opportunity to incorporate them into their own girls fashion designs. The web-interface at www.fashionplaytes.com is very intuitive and age appropriate. We just tried it out while researching for this article and have to say that Sarah and her team have done a fantastic job in providing a tool for girls to easily craft their own designs by guiding them through a step by step process. It’s a lot of fun and it is reasonably priced. Give it a shot!

Oh, by the way, make sure you keep an eye on the upper right hand section of their website as there are usually promo codes available which can save you a good amount of money on your purchase.

To visit the FashionPlaytes Webstore please click here.

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