The Story Behind The Killer Dana Surf Shop

If you are a die-hard surfing fan, then you have certainly heard about the Killer Dana Surf Shop and their merchandise. But what is the story behind this rather unusual name?

Killer Dana was one of the most notorious surf breaks in California. The water amassed to a huge wave and eventually broke very close to the shore line. In other words, the ideal spot for hardcore surf enthusiast. However, in 1966 Dana Point Harbor was built which consequently destroyed the break and put an abrupt end to the popular surf location. But the Killer Dana legend prevailed and to this day many people pay their respects to what was once known as one of the best surf spots around the world, by visiting the Killer Dana Surf Shop.

Two local Dana Point surfers, decided to open the Killer Dana Surf Shop in 1991 which is located by the Pacific Coast Highway also known as PCH. The shop is known for its stunning vista ocean view from its roof and remains a popular spot where surf and other action sport enthusiasts gather to live their passion. While the underlying theme of the Killer Dana Surf shop is strongly focused on typical surf equipment and apparel, the product portfolio has expanded to include regular clothing items such as hoodies, jackets, polo shirts, sweaters and tanks.

However, naturally people usually associate the brand name with surfing equipment. One of the most popular items is the Channel Islands surfboard that is featured in many different sizes and shapes. For instance, the Channel Islands 5’6 Neck Surfboard is one of their bestsellers and referred to as surf legend’s Dane Reynold’s favorite free surf board. It is distinctly different from other models because of its wider nose and the fact that it features a chopped off tail. This board is remarkably light and significantly easy to maneuver in the water and in the air. It is currently being sold for $675 (as of June 2011).

I’d also like to briefly discuss another board from a different manufacturer which is also available at the Killer Dana Surf Shop – the Firewire Dominator 5’6 RF. Now this one is a real beauty and with a very unique look and feel. It is being described as one of the most versatile boards on the market. The makers shifted the wide point a little bit towards the middle which had a positive impact on the nose profile. The Dominator features a technology called Rapidfire, which essentially describes the bamboo deck and carbon stringers structure. This gives you some extra control and makes this board an ideal candidate for surfers of all skill levels. At this point it is priced at $620.

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