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Tory Burch Outlet vs. Tory Burch Sale

Based on the research we did online, the vast majority of all people who search for the “Tory Burch Outlet” are looking for a location online through which they can purchase original Tory Burch products at a significantly reduced price.  There is no separate Tory Burch outlet online store, but they do have have the Tory Burch Sale where you can find all their sale items.  The terms “Tory Burch Outlet” and “Tory Burch Sale” are used interchangeably.

The content below is in reference to the official Tory Burch Sale website. At the end of this post you will find a link that will take you there.


The brand name Tory Burch has evolved from a small label founded back in February of 2004 to a world leader in preppy-bohemian, luxurious but affordable fashion. The company crafts sunglasses, cardigans, children’s swimwear, handbags, tunics and shoes. The namesake of the collection is now a successful designer and entrepreneur who also has her own Tory Burch Jewelry line. Burch’s apparel is known for its comfort and diversity. Her clientele spans from working class moms to wealthy fashionistas. While her products can be purchased in her Tory Burch Outlet, they are also featured by many upscale retailers including Neiman Marcus, Bloomingdale’s and Saks Fifth Avenue.

Shopping at the Tory Burch Outlet

First of all, when you visit the Tory Burch Outlet Website, everything is very plain and streamlined. No annoying and flashy pop-up advertisements that are usually a pain in the neck to get rid of. All products that you will find here are significantly reduced in price! Of course, you will only find a limited subset of merchandise from the actual product catalog, yet, there is still plenty of choices.

The navigation bar on the top provides several shopping areas: ‘New Arrivals’, ‘Clothing’, ‘Tory Burch Shoes’, ‘Tory Burch Handbags & Accessories’, ‘Tory’s Gift Guide’ and ‘The Tory Burch Blog’. In the ‘New Arrivals’ section, as the name implies, you will find the latest additions to the Tory Burch Sale Outlet. You can then further drill down and browse through the sub-categories (shoes, clothing, etc.) which gives you a chance to stay on top of the most recently added items.

Each product listed comes with a comprehensive overview of the name, a picture of the item, available sizes, model number, etc. And as you click on the product image you will be provided a concise product description for most products with various photos shot from different angles.


Ordering via the Tory Burch Outlet

The order process is super easy and secure. You just put an item into the shopping cart and then you can either continue your shopping or check out. Pretty much standard functionality, but with one major plus – there are no annoying ‘special offers’ or required ‘sign up for our newsletter’ prompts. Once the order is complete, you will receive a confirmation through email. With that being said, if you are a first time shopper you will have to create an account which took me literally less than 30 seconds and I was good to go. Payment is done via credit card, Paypal is not an option.


For orders over $250, shipping is free. Check out the screenshot below for all details on the several shipping options. The delivery took four business days and that’s not too bad. Unfortunately, International shipping and Saturday Delivery is not an available option at this point.







The ordering process was as simple as it gets and the shipping went well. The ordered items (a Tory Burch Reva and Tote Bag) are top notch and exactly what we are looking for. The best part is, we saved an unbelievable $350 compared to the actual retail price.

Our Opinion

We love the Tory Burch Outlet website! It is super easy to use and no annoying kick-knacks or spammy looking ads. The site offers a very clear structure. You will find what you want within a few clicks. Of course with the caveat that only a small subset of the product portfolio is being featured, but if you are looking for Tory Burch Shoes or handbags, this is the place to go to save some real money on high quality items.


tony72 December 10, 2011 at 2:35 pm

Christy, thanks for your comment. I’m not really sure what you mean by “this website”. Our website,, doesn’t sell anything. We just review and report on other websites.

This link:

  • will point you to the sale section of Tory Burch’s official website.

    I hope this helps.

    Christy December 10, 2011 at 2:51 pm

    Elean! Thanks for the response. What I mean is at the bottom of you Tory Burch review area you have the following link:

    The ordering process was as simple as it gets and the shipping went well. The ordered items (a Tory Burch Reva and Tote Bag) are top notch and exactly what we are looking for. The best part is, we saved an unbelievable $350 compared to the actual retail price.

    To check out the Tory Burch Outlet, click here.

    When I click on the the “click here” area WAS taking me to now low and behold less than 20 minutes later it isn’t linking to me an “outlet” but to the official store. Now I am really confused why was the word outlet used instead of sale? Those are two entirely different situations. I guess I will stick with official site from now on. Very interesting experience for sure. I and a computer programmer so I am very literate in how to use software hence this being perpleding and getting Tory Burch 74% certainly appeared to good to be true. The items on the “new link” are nothing like previously mentioned and veiwed. I have been on that original link for hours and just wanted to confirm it wasn’t counterfit which apparently it was since it is now a different link. Thanks!

    tony72 December 10, 2011 at 3:07 pm

    Christy, we are ashamed and embarrassed to admit that this was our fault. We just changed the link to make sure our customers will get directed to the official Tory Burch Sale Outlet. THIS IS were we bought from in the past.

    The previous link we provided as well as the pictures in our post were wrong – when we put this post together a few months ago, we too fell for one of the many Tory Burch ‘copies’. However, just to be clear: the previous link did point to a legit website, but it wasn’t Tory Burch’s official site.

    As I type these lines, we are in the process of correcting the content of our post. Everything will get updated to make sure that we only refer to products and content of Tory Burch’s official sales website.

    Again, I cannot tell you how embarrassed we all are. We’ve been Tory Burch customers for years and all we attempted to do was to provide a report on her Sales Outlet.

    We take full responsibility for our mistake and apologize to you, our readers and Tory Burch. Rest assured, by the end of today the content of this post will be updated. Again, the link has been corrected already.

    Lastly, believe it or not, but you actually can get items up to 74% (give and take) reduced. At we did in the past!

    Thank you.


    Once more, here is the correct link:

  • tony72 December 10, 2011 at 3:20 pm

    Christy, as for “Outlet” versus “Sale” – we agree, technically two completely different things. However, we think it is fair to assume that at least in a colloquial context, people use both phrases interchangeably. Maybe we can agree on that people are usually looking for discounted prices on Tory Burch products online when they search for the “Tory Burch Outlet”. But literally speaking, yes, you are of course correct. Maybe something we should clarify in our post. Thanks.

    Christy December 10, 2011 at 4:17 pm

    Thanks for the clrification. On the official Tory Burch website the sales prices were minimal no where close to 74%. So just to be sure I understand is there really a Tory Burch outlet store(s) or an online version as well. Or are y’all just referring to Tory Burch “sales”. For instance Coach has outlet stores all over the US howver there is no “online” Coach outlet. Samething with Prada…no online site however they just opened new outlest store in ORland FL. Michael Kors same situation, etc.

    Thanks again!

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