Why Jildor Shoes Just Works For Me

The fact of the matter is, buying shoes online is most of the time much less expensive than getting them at a regular store. One of our favorite websites to buy designer footwear from for little money is the Jildor Shoes Online store. I’m Elena from the ECONI.ORG family and today I will show you how easy it is to order a nice pair of shoes there. As you probably know by now, I’m a huge Tory Burch fan and I’m looking for a stylish flat, something like the “Reva”.

The Jildor homepage is actually very plain. But that’s okay, I prefer it that way. Too many ads and pictures are actually distracting in my opinion. In addition to that, I usually have a pretty good idea of what I want before I start my shopping. Mostly I either browse by “Category”, “Size” or “Brand”. And that’s exactly what the website offers on the left navigation bar. But if you already exactly know what you want then you may just use the “Quick Search” Feature. This is actually a great way to lookup a price really quick to compare it with offers from other websites.

Before we continue, let me just quickly pause here and point out another great feature: the “customized product alerts”. All you need to do is entering your email-address, the brands and sizes you’re interested in and then you will get automatic periodic email alerts about items that fit your criteria.

Alright, time to do some shopping now. Since I already know what I want, let’s just use the search function and punch in “Tory Burch Reva”.

Not bad! A total of 13 different Reva Models and one is actually on sale for $141 (reduced from $235). By clicking on the item you will get provided with more specific details about the product and the opportunity to look at a bunch of images to see it from different angles. I’m actually getting that one because for that price, it’s a no brainer. And it is available in my size so I put it right into the cart. My dad is really not into shoes, well, other than sneakers, but I need to show him the “size chart feature”. He was born and raised in Europe and he still gets confused with the different size scales. For people like him and international shoppers in general, the Jildor Shoes website has a practical size-chart:

Okay, almost done. But wait a second! I do know for a fact that shipping is free for all order over $150! Well, I didn’t plan on two pair of shoes, but I had budgeted $250. And since my birthday is coming up, I will give myself a treat and just get a nice pair of slippers. Both items combined come to $286 and shipping is free – perfect!

The checkout is very easy, especially if you are a registered customer. I would recommend that you just sign up because that will save you a lot of time when you come back later again. Otherwise, you will have to enter your shipping and billing address as well as your credit card info. Actually, the credit card info is optional, because if you don’t want to do that online, you can also call their customer service center and do it over the phone.

Shipping usually takes 2-3 business days. As for the quality of the products, I never got disappointed. I mean they only carry reputable brands so it would be very surprising if there was ever an issue with regard to quality.
I was in contact with their customer service once only when I had a specific question about the availability of a product. I used their “Live Chat” and my questions got answered right away – however, the live chat is not on 24/7, but you can always leave a message in case nobody is around.

I am certainly a Jildor Shoes Fan. Because it’s a one-stop-shop if you are looking for designer shoes. The prices are fair, the service is great and they ship fast. Two thumbs up from me!

Click here to visit their website and we would love to hear from you and let us know what you think.

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